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Vibration Testing

Vibration Testing

Vibration Testing

 Vibration testing is a usually used to determine the durability of an object.Vibration may effect the durability and reliability of electrical/electronics and mechanical appliances.Which may cause problems such as damage and abnormal stopping or operating. That is why Vibration Test is use to prevent these problems.

 Vibration Testing Capabilities as per IEC Standards

 IEC 61373 Railway applications - Rolling stock equipment - Shock and vibration test

IEC 60068-2-6Environmental testing - Part 2-6: Tests - Test Fc: Vibration (sinusoidal)

IEC 60068-2-64 Environmental testing - Part 2-64: Tests - Test Fh: Vibration, broadband random and guidance

 The ITC India Pvt. Ltd. Offers the Best Vibration Services as well as more Electrical Safety Testing. We expertise to adequately Test Products as per Standard in the specified Environment Conditions.

Vibration Testing

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