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Testing of sensors as per standard IEC 60751

Testing of sensors as per standard IEC 60751

This standard specifies the requirements and temperature/resistance relationship for
industrial platinum resistance temperature sensors later referred to as “platinum resistors” or
"resistors" and industrial platinum resistance thermometers later referred to as
"thermometers" whose electrical resistance is a defined function of temperature.


The standard covers resistors or thermometers for all or part of the temperature range
-200 °C to +850 °C with different tolerance classes, which may cover restricted temperature

test as per IEC 60751

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Following are the test as per IEC 60751:

Clause No.Type Test NameRemarks (Test Involve/ Test Duration) 
6.3.4Resistance ToleranceAs per Cl.6.2.1

Test at 0°C & other Temp. to measure resistance

6.3.1Insulation Resistance at ambient TemperatureIR at 100Vdc & shall be > 100 mΩ 
6.3.2Sheath Integrity Test(i)      Water Quench Test (>300°C for 5 min.)(Immediately plunged into water at room temp.)(IR as per Cl.6.5.1)

(ii)    Nitrogen Pressure Test (2.5 Mpa for 30 sec) (Immediately immersed in water or alcohol)(No bubbling from the weld)

(iii)    Liquid Nitrogen Test (immersed in liquid nitrogen until the temp. stabilized)( Immediately immersed in water or alcohol)(No bubbling from the weld)(Recommended for thermometers used at temp. down to -196°C)

6.3.3Dimensional TestAs per IEC 61152 
6.5.3Stability at upper temperature limit4 weeks (672 Hrs)(resistance value at 0 °C shall not be more than tolerance value)(IR as per Cl.6.5.1) 
6.5.4Thermoelectric EffectHeated to max. declared temp.(obtain resistance reading with normal and reverse polarity that shall be in tolerance value/ class) 
6.5.7Self-heatingThe Self-heating coefficient in °C/mW evaluated at temp. between 0°C and 30°C in flowing water (in tolerance) 
6.5.1Insulation Resistance at elevated temperatureThermometer at max. Rated temp. over at least min. immersion depth at test voltage min. 10 V dc.

Table 4

6.5.2Thermal Response TimeThe Thermal Response Time shall be recorded:

in flowing water with a velocity of >0.2m/s

in flowing air with a velocity of(3 ±0.3)m/s

6.5.5Effect of Temperature CyclingAt declared min. immersion depth à 10 cyles to be done b/w upper & Lower Temp. (Check at 0°C within tolerance level as per the tolerance class) 
6.5.6HysteresisMeasure resistance at middle of the range

1st while going from lower to upper (at middle)

2nd while going upper to middle.

6.5.8Minimum immersion depthAt declared immersion depth - Immersed in water at 85°C and then taking it out till change of 0.1°C observe 

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