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Testing of Packing for Transportations Lithium ion Batteries

Testing of Packing for Transportations Lithium ion Batteries

Lithium batteries are dangerous goods & require special packaging for transportation.

All domestic and international shipments containing lithium batteries are subject to transport regulations on hazardous goods according to ADR RID, ADN, IMDG, ICAO / IATA Regulations.

Standard under Transportations Lithium ion Batteries:

UN3480 – Lithium ion battery (RECHARGABLE BATTER-IES)

UN3482 – Lithium Ion battery (RECHARGABLE BATTER-IES) contained in equipment or Lithium Ion batteries packed with equipment.

UN3090 – Lithium metal battery (NON-RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES)

UN3091 - Lithium metal battery (NON -RECHARGABLE BATTERIES) contained in equipment or Lithium metal batteries packed with equipment.

For each model of battery, there are different requirements to be verified:

  • – Type of battery.
  • – Weight of the battery.
  • – Dimensions of the battery.
  • – Capacity of the battery.
  • – Mode of transport.

Benefits of Testing

  • Approved for transportation for lithium batteries by road, air and sea.
  • Also supplied with flame resistant foam inserts to also provide enhanced impact protection.
  • Easily re-sealable allowing for flexibility
  • Successfully fire tested.
  • Exterior case temperature at the container surface remains below 100°C
  • Tested and meets UN3481, UN3480 and UN3090  class 9 goods requirements
  • Easy to use, with quick loading and unloading


Our Accreditation (ITC India Pvt. Ltd)

ITC India Electrical Safety testing laboratory Accredited by NABL/TEC/ BIS.

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