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Our Key Product Categories Include:

1. Machinery Equipment

Metalworking machinery, Food machinery, Plastic and rubber machinery, printing paper and board machinery, Wood machinery, Textile machines, laundry machines, footwear machinery, Construction and building material machinery,

(IEC 60204)
2. Lighting & Entertainment Equipment

Fixed general purpose luminaries, Luminaries for road and street lighting, Aquarium luminaries, Lighting chains, Emergency lighting

(IEC 60598, LM 79, LM 80 & IEC 62384)
3. Electro Medical Equipments

Exercise Equipment, Hospital Furniture, OT Lamps & Tables, Infusion Pumps, Auto-Claves, Nerve Stimulator.

(IEC 60601)
4. Laboratory & Testing Equipment

Equipment which by electrical means tests, measures, indicates or records one or more electrical or non-electrical quantities, also non-measuring equipment such as signal generators, measurement standards, power supplies, transducers, transmitters, etc.

(IEC 61010-1)
5. Information Technology Equipment

Automated teller (cash dispensing) machines (ATM), personal computers, printers, scanners, visual display units, cash registers, calculators, copying machines, motor-operated files, photo printing equipment, key telephone systems, modems, telephone sets (wired and wireless)

(IEC 60950-1)
6. Ballasts

Electronic and magnetic Ballasts

(IEC 61347)
7. Consumer, Household, and Commercial Appliance Equipment

Motor operated kitchen appliances, Electric irons, Floor treatment machines, Warming plates, Refrigerators, appliances for heating liquids, Appliances for skin and hair care, Ice makers, Hair dryers, Vacuum cleaners, Heating appliances, Air conditioning devices, Washing machines, Pumps, Insect killers, Ironer’s ,Stoves, Humidifiers etc.

(IEC 60335-1&IS 302-1)
8. Crystalline silicon terrestrail photovoltaic (PV) modules-design qualification and type approval

Photovoltaic modules, Sun cubes,etc .

(IEC 61215 & IEC 62108)
9. Electrostatic discharge immunity test (EMC)

Industrial Scientific, Medical equipment, Residential, commercial and Light-industrial environments, Household appliances, UPS, Laboratory equipment, Information Technology Equipment

(IEC 61000-4-2, IEC 61000-4-4, IEC 61000-4-5, IE61000-4-11, IEC 61000-4-29, IEC 60601-1-2 & IEC 62040-2)
10. Cable Glands

Armoured Cable Glands

(BS EN 6121 & EN 50262) & IEC/EN 62444)
11. Secondary Cells & Batteries for Photovoltaic Energy Systems

Secondary Cells, Batteries

(IEC 61427, IEC 61427 & IEC 60896-21 & IEC 60896-22 & IEC 60896-11)
12. Environmental (Climatic), Ingress Protection (IP), Impact Protection (IK)

Secondary Cells, Batteries

(IEC 60068, IEC 60529, IEC 62262 & IEC 62208)

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