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Measuring UV intensity

Measuring UV intensity

Measuring UV intensity


An Ultravoilet light is divided into three bands UVA, UVB, UVC.


  • UVA : It is long wave UV transparent wavelength, 315 nm to 400 nm UV transparent. It causes skin tan, skin elasticity and collegen fibers.

Uses: Curing Lamps in the Curing Industries.

  • UVB : It is Medium wave UV with erythema effect, wavelength 280 nm to 320 nm. It promotes Vitamin D formation in body., but exposure for long time is not recommended

Uses : In Health care Physiotherapy Lamps

  • UVC : It is short wave with bacterial effect wavelength, 200 nm to 280 nm. It is very harmful , for long term exposure causes skin Cancer.

Uses: In Hospitals Germicidal Lamps


There are three fundamental parameter for UV m,measurement. These are wavelength, energy density and irradiance.


Wavelength: To measure the wavelength we require a Spectroradiometer )( They can measure individual peaks )or spectrometer .


Irradiance: Intensity is the output energy of UV source. The amount of UV falling on a surface is called irradiance. A cm2 is tha area which is used to track the UV from all angles and is determined by direct measurements. It is measured in Watt/cm2 or mW/cm2 .


UV Energy Density:It is exposure cof UV light with time factor. That is 1 watt for 1 sec equal 1 joule. It is measured in Joules /cm2 or mJ/cm2 .


UV instrument

Now it is very important to understand your UV measuring instrument…….

It will help you and the customers to better understand the readings.


What factors cause

1 Potential confusion

2 Measurement Errors

Some factors which influence Irradiance Measurements are

  • Filtering
  • Solarization
  • Cosine error


UVB or UVA light sources irradiation intensity can be detected by the UV lamp intensity meter. Multi-probe UV measurement device that can be equipped with probes: No matter you want to test the UVA,UVB or UVC band. You can select a suitable probe.

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