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LED OT light Testing

LED OT light Testing laboratory

If you are looking for LED OT light Testing Laboratory in India, ITC India Can Help You! ITC India one of the best LED OT light Testing Service Provider in India. ITCIndia Can do LED OT light Testing as per IEC 60601-1 Standard

LED Operation Theater Lights

Applicable Standards:

  1. IEC 60601-1

Essential Tests:

  1. Power input
  2. Protection against accidental contact
  3. Leakage current and patient auxiliary current
  4. Voltage drop test
  5. Touch current
  6. Earth Leakage Current
  7. Dielectric Strength Test
  8. Insulation Resistance
  9. Humidity preconditioning treatment
  10. Single fault condition
  11. Resistance to environmental stress
  12. Creepage and air clearance
  13. Pollution degree classification
  14. Protection against mechanical hazards
  15. Stability tests
  16. Protection against excessive temperature and other hazards
  17. Ingress protection tests like IP 20
  18. Push test , impact test
  19. Drop test

Snapshot of the LED OT light Test report issued: Total no of pages of full report is 122

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