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LED Driver and Lamp Control Gear Testing

ITCIndia can do LED Driver and Lamp control Gear testing as per IEC 61347 -2-13, IS 15885-2-13 Standards

If you are looking for LED Driver and Lamp control Gear Testing Laboratory for LED Driver and Lamp control Gear In India, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Surat, Visakhapatnam and other city, ITCINDIA NABL Approved Electrical Safety testing Lab Can Help You! ITC India one of the best LED Driver and Lamp control Gear testing Laboratory in India.

ITCIndia “Institute of Testing and Certification India Pvt. Ltd” are a leading testing company/laboratory having a NABL accreditation under ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONICS and PHOTOMETRY testing with certificate no. T-3509, T-3570 and T-1811.  The Laboratory is following the procedure as required by International Standard IEC 17025 and is already certified for ISO/IEC 17025.

Applicable Standards:

  1. IEC 61347 -2-13
  2. IS 15885-2-13

Essential Tests:

  1. Protection against accidental contact with live parts
  2. Protective earthing
  3. Moisture resistance and insulation
  4. Electric strength
  5. Endurance test
  6. Fault condition
  7. Abnormal conditions
  8. Creep age and clearance
  9. Resistance to Heat, fire and tracking
  10. Resistance to corrosion

Some important table of the issued report ……

Table 1
RMS working voltage not exceeding 250VMinimum Value (mm)Measured Value (mm)Verdict
– Basic insulation>1.7mm>1.7mmP
RMS working voltage not exceeding 250VMinimum Value (mm)Measured Value (mm)Verdict
– Basic insulation PTI ≥ 6001.7mm>1.7mmP
Table 2
Sr. No.Conducted TestTest ConditionsTest requirementsResult
1Insulation Resistance TestTest Voltage: 500V D.C Time : 1 minTest part: Between live part and metal coveredShall not be Less than 2 MΩP (>9900mΩ)
2Dielectric Strength testTest voltage:1480V Test Duration: 1 min. Ramp time: 10secTest Part: Between live part and metal coveredShall      withstand without breakdownP

For your better understanding, we are going to show you the LED Driver and Lamp control Gear Test report of latest LED in the following:

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