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IS/ IEC 60529-1 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)

IS/ IEC 60529-1 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)

ITC india pvt ltd is conducting Ingress Protection as per IEC 60529-1. With the help of this enclosures can be accessed against ingress of solid bodies and/ or liquids. As per the IP code identified by the manufacturer, we do the testing to measure the effects of exposure, and give the appropriate IP rating. It is signified with a number like IP65, IP 67 etc.

This standard applies to the classification of degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment with a rated voltage not exceeding 72,5 kV.

The object of this standard is to give:

  1. a) Definitions for degrees of protection provided by enclosures of electrical equipment as regards:

 1) Protection of persons against access to hazardous parts inside the enclosure;

2) Protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against ingress of solid foreign objects;

 3) Protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against harmful effects due to the ingress of water.

  1. b) Designations for these degrees of protection.
  2. c) Requirements for each designation.
  3. d) Tests to be performed to verify that the enclosure meets the requirements of this standard.

IP Code with optional letters

First characteristic numeral

Solid object Protection
Level ( The first digit for solid particle protection )Degree of Protection
Diameter of the solid particle against which testing is performed

Protected against

IP0X-Not protectedIP1X>50mmSolid foreign objects of dia 50mm and greaterIP2X>12.5mmSolid foreign objects of dia 12.5mm and greaterIP3X>2.5mmSolid foreign objects of dia 2.5mm and greaterIP4X>1mmSolid foreign objects of dia 1mm and greaterIP5XProtection against DustDust ( protected)IP6XDust TightAccess to hazardous parts with wire Dust

  • The full diameter of the object probe must not pass through the opening of the enclosure under test.

Second characteristic numeral

Liquid ingress protection
Level ( The second  digit for liquid  ingress protection )Degree of Protection
Testing details

Protected against

IPX0 Not protectedIPX1Test duration =10 min water equivalent to 1mm rainfall per minuteVertical falling drops /dripping waterIPX2Test duration =10 min water equivalent to 3mm rainfall per minVertical falling drops when enclosure tilted upto 15 ºIPX3Test duration =5 min water volume=0.7 lt/min

Pressure= 80-100kpaSpraying waterIPX4Test duration =5 min water volume=10 lt/min

Pressure= 80-100kpaSplashing waterIPX5Test duration =3 min water volume=12.5 lt/min

Pressure= 30 kpa at 3m distanceWater jetsIPX6Test duration =3 min water volume=100  lt/min

Pressure=100 kpa at 3m distancePowerful water jetsIPX7Test duration = 30 min

Immersed at depth of 1mThe effect of temporary immersion in waterIPX8Immersed in depth mentioned by manufacturerThe effect of continuous immersion in waterIPX9-High pressure and temperature water jets

Additional letters



LettersDegree of protectionProtected AgainstAAccess with the back of handBAccess with a fingerCAccess with a toolDAccess with a wire

Supplementary letters

HHigh voltage apparatus
MTested for harmful effects due to ingress of water when the movable parts of the equipments are in motion
STested for harmful effects due to ingress of water when the movable parts of the equipments are in stationary
WSuitable for use under specified weather condition

This is the standard that narrates the degree of protection dispense by the enclosures of electrical equipments. It must not be assumed that all the listed degree of protection is applicable to a particular type of equipment. Manufacturer must be consulted to determine the degree of protection.

The second edition of IEC 60529 takes account of experienced with the first edition and clarifies the requirements. It provides IP codes by an additional letter A, B, C or D if the actual protection of the persons against access to hazardous parts is higher than that indicated by the first characteristic numerals.

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