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IEC 60896 -11 Stationary Lead – Acid Batteries Part 11

IEC 60896 -11




IEC 60896 -11

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Vented Lead Acid Batteries: –

These vented lead acid batteries are also known as flooded or sealable or wet cell batteries. These batteries have terminals- negative terminal and positive terminal on their top or sides along with vent caps on their tops.

Scope: –

This segment of IEC standard is related to lead- acid cells and batteries those are particularly workable in fixed locations, which means that these batteries cannot be moved from one place to another. These batteries are permanently connected to the load and the d.c. power supply.

The designing of the cells and batteries shall be in such a way that they are able to withstand all the mechanical stresses during hauling, packing, handling etc.

Many other tests that comes under this standard are:-

Cl. No.

Test Name


Capacity (240 h, 120h , 48h, 10 h, 8 h, 3 h, 1 h, 0,5 h)


Suitability for floating battery operation


Endurance in cycles


Endurance in overcharge


Charge retention


Short-circuit current and internal resistance


Tests like endurance test are typically done so as ensure that the stationary cells and batteries are able to hold on against the load and be able to endure it for a long period of time. So, basically in endurance test charging and discharging cycles are done on the battery

Capacity test is done to ensure whatsoever is claimed by the manufacturer is available or not.

The other test like charge retention test helps us to see the strength of the charge present in battery if we put it in idle condition.

Some of the measuring instruments that are used while performing the other tests are voltmeter, ammeter, thermometer, hydrometers etc.

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