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Environmental Testing Services

Environmental Testing Services:

ITC can do Electrical Safety testing against Environmental Testing equipment against following types of products/standards:

Types of TestsApplicable Standards
Dry heat testIS 9000 pt (III); IS 9000(part- 3) ; IS 1248 ; IS 13779 ; IEC 60068-2-2
Dry Cold testIS 9000 pt- (II) ; IS 1248 ; IS 13779 ; IEC 60068-2-1
Damp heat test (Steady state)IS 9000 pt (IV); IS 13779 ; IS 1534; IEC 60068-2-78
Damp heat test (Cyclic)IS 9000 Pt(V); IEC 60068-2-30
Damp heat test (Composite)IS 9001-4
Composite temperature/Humidity Cyclic testIEC 60068-2-38
Temperature cycling/change of temperatureIS 9000 Pt (XIV); IEC 60068-2-14
Impact test
(IK01, IK02, IK03, IK04, Ik05, IK06, IK07, IK08, IK09, IK10)
IEC 62262 ; IEC 60068-2-75 ; IEC 62208; IEC 62275; IS 8828 ; IS/IEC 60898-2 ;
IEC 60898-1 ; IS 12640 (Part 1) / IEC 61008-1 ; IS 12640 (Part 2) / IEC 61009-1 ;
IEC 61008-2-1 ; IEC 61009-2-1 ; IEC 61330
Dust test Ingress of protections (Degrees)
(IP 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X
IP X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, X8)
IS 9000 Pt (XII); IS/IEC 60529

Environment Testing on electrical/electronic products under electrical safety testing

Before, we discuss about the environment testing, let’s first discuss about the importance of the environment testing. Multifarious reason can be explained regarding to this query. First and foremost reason is to know “How safe is your product”. Any dangerous substance used in your product can cause gloomy impact on biotic and biotic components. Apart from it, is the life of your product? If, it meets or exceed the standard requirements, it will increase quality of your product, hence Longevity . Another important factor is durability. Environment testing gives you all the answers.

Now a big question arises where to go for environment testing. The product is tested on temperature, humidity factors. Environment testing is performed in the labs where the testing facility is provided to test various environment factors and  ITC India pvt ltd is the laboratory where you can find all the facility are under one roof. ITC India has the facility to test as per IEC /EN/ /IS standards in its own premises. Here is a list of some the standards:

IEC 60068-1,`IEC 60068-2, IEC 60028-3, IEC 60028-4, IEC 60028-2-27, IEC 60028-2-21, IEC 60028-2-78, IEC 60028-2-7, IEC 60028-3-4, IEC 60028-2-56, IEC 60028-2-56, IEC 60028-2-39, IEC 60028-2-40, IEC 60028-2-30, IEC 60028-3-1, IEC 60028-2-2, IEC 60028-2-1, IEC 60028-2-38, IEC 60028-2-14, IS 9000 part 3, IS 1248, IS 13779, IS 13031, IS 1534, IS9000 PART 5, IS 9001, IS 9000 PART xiv etc.

The list of test facility which can be performed by ITC India pvt ltd with a NABL logo is mentioned below:

  1. Dry heat test
  2. Dry cold test
  3. Damp heat test (steady state)
  4. Damp heat test( cyclic)
  5. Damp heat test(composite)
  6. Composite temperature
  7. Humidity cycle test
  8. Temperature cycling/change of temperature.

Any Electrical, electronics and process control items or product can be tested here and the reports are issued with NABL logo.

Environment chamber is a machine owned by ITC with the temperature range between -40°c to 140°C and the range of humidity is 25% R.H. to 95 % R.H.

For List of standards under Environmental Testing, please click here.

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